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Moths To The Flame

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released May 5th 2023

Written & performed by Powder Chutes
Recorded at Studio Sublime 9th January 2023
Produced by Steve Harrop at Studio Sublime
Engineered by Tom Havard at Studio Sublime
Mastering by Chris Shetland at Log Studio
Cover Photo by Mark Orbell
Cover Design by Murph


I’ve been drowning in a pool of thought
For way too long
I can feel my lung’s air escaping
From my bastard tongue
You push me to the edge to far
That none of us can find
Preyed on by the men that held you
Hostage to your mind
I won’t change and I don’t want to know
What I could have been
I find solace in the pain
It makes me bleed
Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun
You can’t run from me
You’re all moths to the flame
You’re all the same
You push me to the edge
To far that none of us can find
Falling over dying angels
Like the child you left behind
It haunts you in your memories
The images flooding in
Auditory sensory ohh it’s
Crawling in my skin
Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun
You can’t hide from me
Slowly we go
Marching to the flame
Ohh You’re all the same
I feel the world falling out of the sky
I feel the earth calling so say goodbye
No-one can tell me that I should comply
No-one can own me so don’t say goodnight
I feel like dying but I shouldn’t cry
You bought this on yourself when you fell from the sky
If birds aren’t real fuck the Government and Society
Slowly dying in the arms of notoriety