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Introducing Powder Chutes

Archie - Tub Thumper

Archie - Tub Thumper

Henry - Vocal Wizzard

Henry - Vocal Wizzard

Otis - Thunder Fingers

Otis - Thunder Fingers

Clarke - Riff Merchant

Clarke - Riff Merchant



Powder Chutes are an emerging rock band from Wanaka combining youthful exuberance with riff-driven vintage grunt. 

Already stalwarts of the vibrant local live scene, Powder Chutes have been fermenting amongst Wanaka's rich creative melting pot of musicians, producers, DJs, artists, and athletes for a number of years. 

Their debut EP, recorded at North Otago’s Studio Sublime with Steve Harrop and Tom Havard, dropped in January 2022 to critical acclaim, and has been streamed over 100,000 times in just 6 months. The EP and subsequent singles, feature art by Jersey born Producer, DJ, Snowboarder, Skater, and Graffiti Artist, Scott Nixon, and have been described as a joyful call to arms for anyone who likes pounding filthy rock, grounded in melodic sensibilities. 

Powder Chutes recently supported The Feelers on their Communicate 21st Anniversary Tour, and played with rock titans Pull Down The Sun at their recent Christchurch show. 

The Chutes have been heavily involved in the bi-annual YAMI Sounz Summit, where they’ve recorded with Lee Prebble and Barnaby Weir, wigged out with Seamus Johnson from Sea Mouse, and joined icons on stage such as Troy Kingi, Delaney Davidson, Tiki Taane, Laughton Kora, Bella Kalolo, Deva Mahal, Shapeshifter, and Kings amongst others. 

The boys are currently writing new tunes, and taking every opportunity to play live.

Sweet noise pollution... groove-fuelled grunge... Powder Chutes are electrifying, ambitious, and hungry.

There is a vitality to this, and after just a few plays the hooks and annoyingly catchy chorus are embedded in the brain” - Kev Rowland

There is melody, melancholy, attitude and beauty throughout the entire EP. a really bad ass collection of songs, well delivered.” - Denis Belliveau

— Supermoon Den

This EP is sick .... You must be pretty stoked . The production sounds tight” - Scott Nixon

— Scottnixonart

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