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there is melody, melancholy, attitude and beauty throughout the entire EP... a really bad ass collection of songs, well delivered” - Denis Belliveau

— Supermoon Den

Wow this ep is sick .... You must be pretty stoked . The production sounds tight” - Scott Nixon

— Instagram

There is a vitality to this, and after just a few plays the hooks and annoyingly catchy chorus are embedded in the brain” - Kev Rowland


Kiwiradio NZ Interview - 13.09.2022

Powder Chutes

Otis and Clarke chat to Ralphe about everything from jamming with Alien Weaponry, collaborating with Seamus from Sea Mouse, Supporting The Feelers and playing with Pull Down The Sun, to words of wisdom from Billy Gibbons...

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1964 Magazine - mountain culture / aotearoa - March 2022

1964 Magazine - mountain culture / aotearoa - March 2022

Powder Chutes L to R: Henry, Otis, Clarke & Archie

Powder Chutes L to R: Henry, Otis, Clarke & Archie

Short bio

Powder Chutes are Archie, Clarke, Henry & Otis, garage rock miscreants from Wanaka, New Zealand, bringing a freshness to guitar driven music that combines youthful exuberance with sweat-soaked vintage grunt.


Take It Or Leave It

Powder Chutes came out blazing with their first single TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. 

The first track from their forthcoming SWEET NOISE POLLUTION EP, recorded at Studio Sublime in New Zealand's North Otago. The song is a statement of intent, and a call to arms for anyone who likes pounding filthy rock, with a grounding in melodic sensibilities.


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